Randjes Estate – Highlands North, Johannesburg

Description of Project:

Vitruvius Consulting Civil and Structural Engineering were appointed as the official civil and structural engineering company for all renovation, rehabilitation and retrofitting projects carried out by this historical development.

 Randjes Estate is an old age home which was established in 1936 and is part of Johannesburg’s heritage. Many of the buildings and structures in the estate are heritage sites and are protected by the city of Johannesburg. It is common in renovation projects for the team to find windows, floors and doors that are protected. The challenges associated with this called for very careful and efficient engineering approaches from Vitruvius Consulting engineering and the architectural team. 

The scope of work for Vitruvius Consulting involved the design, sign-off, and site supervision of the building work carried out in the Estate. Since the buildings and structures are quite old, Vitruvius Consulting was also responsible for checking the structural integrity of the buildings and carrying out assessments on them. 



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