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Driven by passion for the built environment and a desire to excel in their work, Clear Choice Builders (Pty) Ltd (also known as CCB) undertook to design and construct a new Executive Office building for themselves that would showcase the competence, effectiveness and the relentless attention to detail that the company offers its clients. The development incorporates fascinating architectural and engineering design coupled with high-quality construction making it a really inspiring South African project.

The new office block that has been built over a new man-made lake includes a 170 m2 underwater auditorium and bar, 780 m2 of office area on a ground level, and 260 m2 of living space on the upper floor level. The building is accessed by a bridge structure which spans over the length of the dam.

While coming up with a building design that would showcase the competency of CCB (a CIDB grade 9 contractor), the architects at Bright Black Architecture took inspiration from the Clear Choice Builders logo: a turtle. For this reason, the main attraction of the building is the elegant steel cladding structure that has been designed to wrap around the concrete-framed building and symbolise a turtle shell. Engineering had an onerous task of creating this shell by designing a series of structural steel arches. Steel was selected as the material of choice because of its distinctive qualities of adaptability, cost-effectiveness, durability, ductility and inherent beauty.

The shape, being that of an ellipsoid, had to be determined using mathematical models, making the design method and detailing unique to any other structure. The structural frame for the ellipsoidal cladding system was achieved by using 30 lightweight structural steel arches spanning 17-20 m each and varying in heights from 2 to 12 m. The various arches were then tied together to form the “turtle shell” that wraps over and around the building. Each of the 30 arches is unique in size and shape as they are each made up of 3 or 4 smaller arches of different radii welded together - this brings the total number of arches to 146 different types altogether.


The CCB building is the first of its kind in this country and truly shows that South African teams can deliver world-class projects. There were numerous complications that came out as we worked on the project which has broadened our understanding of complex facades. CCB, who are also the main contractor for the project, pushed their limits in order to astonish the industry by completing this entire project in a period of 11 months.

At the end of it all, what really makes this project special is that we successfully managed to merge Art and Science in order to create a testament of what structural steel design can really accomplish.




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