Architecture, essentially, is an art. Creating structures, buildings and entire environments gives expression to our aspirations, time and essentially the way we as human beings relate to our built environment.

We believe that the architectural expression of each project should be place specific and unique, and that it should speak to the purpose of the building and the spirit of the time. It should also respond responsibly to the climate and the environment, as well as to local available building materials and methods.

Innovation in architecture also plays an important role in our approach where we are constantly exploring new environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ways of producing buildings of sufficient quality and performance.

We care deeply for our clients, and undertake projects with great care and efficiency. We strongly believe that our projects are our responsibility and therefore enforce philosophy of open communication, transparency and respect with project teams and contractors.

Our goal is to merge science and art – architecture and engineering – and to combine them with modern practices and materials so that our clients reside in buildings that inspire and delight.

We therefore persevere to create an environment wherein all professionals share their expertise and collaborate to solve the most challenging problems and finally make the impossible possible.e.

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Vitruvius Collective is a multi-disciplinary practice with more than 20 years experience stretching across Europe, Asia and Africa in projects ranging from research, urban design, master planning, landscape architecture, hotel, retail, office, residential, mixed-use, transport, infrastructure and industrial.