Vitruvius Collective is a multi-disciplinary practice with more than 20 years’ experience stretching across Europe, Asia and Africa.

The company evolved from Vitruvius Civil and Structural Engineers, opened in 2013. During the first couple of years of practice we included architecture, project management, electrical and mechanical engineering in our project scope, as more and more clients wanted to have all services provided under one umbrella.

We attribute our success on the way we view projects and the built environment as one integrated whole. Even though a building, project, neighbourhood or city involves many disciplines, we believe that when these fields are addressed in isolation something valuable is lost not only in the spirit of the project, but also with the opportunities it presents.

Vitruvius Collective operates as a singular unit seamlessly integrating these different approaches in order to balance the final solution to not only perform financially, structurally, aesthetically, environmentally but also to ultimately build better places that uplift the lives of users and visitors.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with clients, providing them with a single cohesive team to find solutions and access the widest scope of opportunities within their projects. 

Since its inception in 2013, Vitruvius has been involved in over 100 projects, in the commercial, residential, retail, petrochemical, mining, and roads and infrastructure spaces.

We are devoted to the delivery of safe, practical, economic and innovative designs, for any client’s requirements. The Vitruvius Collective aims to be a leader in the building industry, with open communication, quality work and timeous delivery of designs at the core of the company’s character. 

We are an experienced and optimistic team dedicated to meeting project demands and coming up with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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Telephone: 084 277 7188

1 Eldoret Street, 2297 Sunninghill Johannesburg, RSA

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Vitruvius Collective is a multi-disciplinary practice with more than 20 years experience stretching across Europe, Asia and Africa in projects ranging from research, urban design, master planning, landscape architecture, hotel, retail, office, residential, mixed-use, transport, infrastructure and industrial.